VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG stands for 40 years of competence, action, and ongoing development. As one of the ten biggest specialist publishing houses in Germany, our mission is to make expert knowledge accessible to everyone. Every day, some 400 employees and members of our publishing group work to continue writing our success story. What makes us stand out is our determination to always give our best, and the fact that we are continually developing. Through entrepreneurial vision, results oriented action, the courage to embrace change, and enthusiasm, we have become what we are today. And we intend to stay on course for more growth. Facts and Data:

  • 1976 founded by Norman Rentrop
  • 395 members of staff*
  • €118 million annual revenue*
  • Eighth biggest German specialist publishers
  • Active in eight countries around the world
  • Company headquarters: Bonn-Bad Godesberg
  • Over 310 publications

*In 2014

A varied portfolio: The VNR specialist publishers

There are seven specialist publishers under the umbrella of VNR Verlag für Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, and also three sister companies: Specialist publishers Fachverlag FID Verlag GmbH, advertising agency Prisma Werbeagentur GmbH, which manages media placement, and PSB Presseservice Bonn GmbH & Co. KG, which looks after the publishers' subscribers.

The three sister companies as well as the seven specialist publishers are supported by the publishing group's various service areas. For example, recruiting, purchasing, communication, and IT are all taken care of centrally.

Doing business around the globe: VNR is international

With the method of spreading information tried and tested in Germany, VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG is successful around the world. Adapted to the needs of each country and in collaboration with local partners, VNR Publishing is active in seven foreign markets from Europe to South Africa and Australia. For example, joint ventures in Poland and Romania have led to the establishing of successful publishing companies. With viable ideas, VNR Publishing builds up new markets and supports them with expertise in product development, direct marketing, and controlling. In other countries, for example, South Africa, partners are granted licenses for successful products.

VNR on the world market


  • Active in Austria since 1989
  • Products: Media covering health, computers, self management, and various B2B topics


  • Active on the Australian market since 2011
  • Partner: Portner Press LTD
  • Products: Licenses for loose leaf newsletters on the topics of labor law, health & safety, HR


  • Active on the French market since 2008
  • Partner: Editions Praxis SAS
  • Products: Licenses for loose leaf newsletters on the topic of computers


  • 1997 Founding of specialist publishing house "Wiedza i Praktyka" (joint venture)
  • Products: Media covering taxes, labor law, accounting, the environment, HR, payroll and payroll accounting, logistics, school, education, quality management


  • Founding of the specialist publishing house Rentrop & Straton Group together with the Romanian publisher Georghe Straton in Bukarest

South Africa

  • Active on the South African market since 2003
  • Partner: Fleet Street Publications LTD
  • Products: Licenses for loose leaf publications and specialist information services on the topics of taxation, labor law, finance and bookkeeping, HR, and health & safety


  • Active in Switzerland since 1989
  • Products: Media covering health, computers, self management, HR, and various B2B topics

United Kingdom

  • Since 2003 active on the British market
  • Agora Business Publications LLP
  • Products: Media covering HR, health & safety, care, school, and computer topics