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Stellenbezeichnung Unternehmensbereiche Einstiegslevel
Marketing Manager im Bereich Gesundheit (m/w/d) maxLQ Professional
Werkstudent im Bereich Marketing (m/w/d) Investor Student
Sales Manager für Softwareprodukte (m/w/d) Sales Professional
Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration (m/w/d) Ausbildung Schüler
Kaufmann im E-Commerce (m/w/d) Ausbildung Schüler
Medienkaufmann Digital und Print (m/w/d) Ausbildung Schüler
Kaufmann für Marketingkommunikation (m/w/d) Ausbildung Schüler
Kaufmann für Büromanagement (m/w/d) Ausbildung Schüler
Kaufmann für Dialogmarketing (m/w/d) Ausbildung Schüler
Selbstständiger Media Sales Berater (m/w/d) Sales Freiberufler / Autoren
Vertriebsinnendienst Mitarbeiter für Softwareprodukte (m/w/d) Sales Professional
Marketing Consultant (m/w/d) Marketing Professional
Debitorenbuchhalter (m/w/d) Finanz- und Rechnungswesen Absolvent, Professional
Mitarbeiter im Bereich Datenschutz (m/w/d) Sonstiges Professional
(Junior) Customer Success Manager für digitale Produkte (m/w/d) Kundenservice Allgemein, Professional
Trainee Online Marketing (m/w/d) Investor, Marketing Absolvent
(Junior) Marketing Manager (m/w/d) Investor, Marketing Absolvent
(Quereinsteiger) Customer Service Specialist (m/w/d) Kundenservice Allgemein
Mitarbeiter im schriftlichen Kundenservice mit Schwerpunkt Bestellabwicklung (m/w/d) Kundenservice Allgemein
Junior Controller / Finanzanalyst (m/w/d) Controlling Absolvent, Professional
Werkstudent im digitalen Projektmanagement (m/w/d) Marketing Student
Werkstudent Medien und Online-Marketing (m/w/d) Marketing, Produktmanagement Student
Kreditorenbuchhalter auf Vollzeitbasis gesucht (m/w/d) Finanz- und Rechnungswesen Professional
Mitarbeiter im telefonischen Kundenservice (m/w/d) Kundenservice Allgemein, Professional
Trainee Copywriting & Online-Marketing (m/w/d) mediaforwork Absolvent
Unsolicited application Autoren/Gutachter/Redakteure, Controlling, Data, Eventmanagement, Finanz- und Rechnungswesen, IT, Kundenservice, Marketing, Praktika, Produktmanagement, Sales Absolvent, Allgemein, Freiberufler / Autoren, Führungsposition, Professional, Student
Freiberuflicher Autor Schwerpunkt “Schule leiten" (m/w/d) Autoren/Gutachter/Redakteure Freiberufler / Autoren
Initiativbewerbung (m/w/d) Autoren/Gutachter/Redakteure, Controlling, Data, Einkauf/Logistik, Eventmanagement, Finanz- und Rechnungswesen, HR, IT, Kundenservice, Marketing, Praktika, Produktmanagement, Recht, ReThink, Sales Absolvent, Allgemein, Freiberufler / Autoren, Führungsposition, Professional, Student
Trainee mit Schwerpunkt Controlling (m/w/d) Controlling Absolvent
Personal Executive Assistant – Chief Financial Officer (m/w/d) Finanz- und Rechnungswesen Professional
18-monatiges Traineeprogramm im Online-Marketing Marketing Absolvent
18-monatiges Trainee-Programm Produktmanagement/ (Online-) Marketing Marketing, Produktmanagement Absolvent

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Our application process: How it works

Your contacts:

Adriana Zenleser

Head of Recruitment (professionals and working students)

Carolin Köhler

Talent Manager (professionals and working students)

Ali Abdalla

Head of Training (apprentices and trainees)

Lisa Rudowski

Junior Recruiter (professionals and working students)

Leah Klingbeil

Working student (Recruitment)

How our application process works

Step 1: Your application

If you’d like to become part of the VNR team, simply send us your CV. Click on the “Apply” button or let one of our employees recommend you. We look forward to getting to know you!

Step 2: Telephone interviews

We are fast at processing applications: Once we receive your application, we’ll get back to you within a few days. Depending on the job you apply for, you will then have one or two initial phone calls with HR and the department. If the interest is mutual, you get to the next and final step in our application process!

Step 3: A personal interview day

We don’t want to wait long; we’d rather get to know you personally as soon as possible! We set aside up to half a day to meet you and introduce you to your future colleagues and your place of work. During these hours, you will be in several one-on-one meetings and get a first impression of us as your potential employer.

Since we don’t want to keep you waiting after your personal interview, we will give you the final feedback within 3 working days after the interview.

Step 4: Signing the contract

If both parties agree, you will then receive a contract offer. This is the start of your exciting and versatile career at the VNR Group! We are excited to work with you!

Step 5: Joining and onboarding

You did it! We look forward to welcoming you as a new team member and accompanying you on your career path.

You will receive your individual onboarding plan from your supervisor. To kickstart your career at VNR we offer numerous onboarding events. This is to familiarize yourself with our culture, your colleagues and how we work. It also introduces many VNR experts to you to help grow your internal network.

Career FAQs

General questions regarding your application

How long before my desired start date should I apply?

As soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you, no matter when you are available to join us. Even if your joining date is further in the future – we hire the best candidate as we plan for the long term.

When can I start my new position at VNR?

As soon as possible. We do not have fixed joining dates, and prefer to work around your availability.

Can I send an unsolicited application to the VNR publishing group?

To send us an unsolicited application, simply send us your application documents (a CV is sufficient) using the online application form in our “Unsolicited application” job ad or get in touch with our recruiters.

How do I apply to the VNR publishing group?

Please submit your application using our online application form. This opens automatically as soon as you click on the “Apply now!” button in our job ads.

How can I apply if I do not consent to the collection of my data in the VNR application form?

Please contact us using our contact form .

What happens to my personal data after my application?

After your application, our recruiting team and the hiring manager will receive your application documents in order to get a first impression of you. This means that your documents will only be viewed by a few selected people. Later in the process, all interview partners (a maximum of 6 people) will also have a look at your profile. After completion of your application process, the data will be deleted from our system in compliance with the GDPR.

Can I complete my mandatory internship at the VNR publishing group for my studies?

Yes, we are happy to offer you an internship. You can also work up to 40 hours/week at the publishing group during this time. It is important for your department to know the time frame early on.

Questions regarding your online application

How does the online application work?

In our job ads, you will find the “Apply now!” button, which will take you directly to the application form. There, you can upload your CV, basic information and other documents. As soon as you accept our data protection guidelines and click on “Submit”, your application will be on its way to us.

What information do I have to provide in my application?

Certain information about you is required so that we can get a first impression of you. Therefore, mandatory information includes your CV, your name and contact information, and some specifications (e. g. preferred start date). In addition, we look forward to receiving all other – especially job-related – information (e.g. certificates, other proof) to get a better idea about you.

Which documents do I have to submit with my application?

Submitting a CV is sufficient. All other documents such as a cover letter and references are optional. However, we recommend that you submit these as well. It gives us the chance to even learn more about you and get a better idea of who you are!

Do I need a cover letter?

No, you do not have to prepare a cover letter (exception: apprenticeship). However, the cover letter in particular offers you another opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates and to give us an idea of the person behind the CV and your motivation to work with us.

To whom can I address my application? Which recipient address can I enter on my cover letter?

You can find our contact persons and their departments here. You are welcome to address us directly or use the general greeting of “Dear Sir or Madam”. To add a recipient address to your cover letter, you can use our company address: Theodor-Heuss-Str. 2-4, 53177 Bonn.

How can I find out the current status of my application?

You will receive feedback within a few days, and during the application process, you will be in constant contact with one of our recruiters.

How can I withdraw my application if I decide not to continue with it?

If you change your mind and want to withdraw your application, you can let us know using the contact form. Please let us know your name and the position for which you had applied. We will no longer consider your documents and will delete them in accordance with the regulations.

I want to delete my data – how do I do that?

Please contact us via the contact form, and we will initiate the deletion of your data immediately.

I have a severe disability. Do I need to consider anything when applying?

Please let us know that you have a severe disability and what we should consider in order to support you as a potential employee in the best possible way.

How long do I have to wait to get feedback after applying online?

We will try to get back to you within two weeks. Please excuse us if we are not always able to do this due to the large number of applications. If you need a response promptly, please contact us via our contact form.

Questions regarding our job ads

Are the jobs advertised on the careers page of the VNR publishing group up to date?

Yes. As soon as our positions are filled, we remove them from our careers page. You can therefore apply for any of the positions that you see there and be sure that they are still open.

I have a question about a specific job ad. Whom do I contact?

All questions, no matter how general or job-specific, can be sent to us via our contact form . We will forward it internally to the right contact person, who will get back to you promptly.

What do I do if I am interested in more than one job offer?

We are happy if multiple positions appeal to you. However, please apply for only one of the desired positions. You are welcome to let us know in your cover letter which other positions you are interested in. We will then forward your application to the appropriate hiring manager.

I quit my studies. Can I still apply to the VNR publishing group?

Everyone follows a different path to success, and sometimes it also includes not completing their studies. That is why we believe in the talents and skills of each individual, and that there are other ways to prove oneself. Feel free to apply, whatever your path looks like.

What are the minimum academic requirements to apply?

You will find all the information you need in the respective job ad. There is no minimum requirement – it depends on an individual fit to the job. Therefore, feel free to apply, career changers are also very welcome!

Questions regarding your interview

What can I expect regarding the interview and how can I prepare?

You will be interviewed by the hiring manager and various colleagues from our company who will be working closely with you in that particular position. Before the interview, we will discuss more details about the process and your interviewers with you. When preparing, it is always helpful to recall your experience, because we mainly ask questions regarding your life and background. There may be practical tasks to perform during the interview process but there is no preparation needed, and if there is, we will let you know ahead of time.

Can the interview also take place via Skype or Microsoft Teams?
It is possible to conduct your application interviews digitally. If our application interview takes place digitally will depend on whether or not you have a long-distance living situation, as well as on the current pandemic situation, and the preferences of all parties involved. We conduct our application interviews via Microsoft Teams. You do not need any program installed for this – you will receive a link that will allow you join the online session.
I have to cancel my interview and need a new date – what do I do?

If you have already arranged an interview with us, please get in touch with the contact person with whom you made the appointment. If you cannot reach them, please call our head office and let them know. They will pass on the information to HR.

Will I be reimbursed for any arising travel expenses for my interview? What about flights or overnight stays?

Yes, we will reimburse you for travel and hotel expenses. Please fill out the “Travel Expenses Reimbursement” form attached to your invitation email on the date of application, and send the document to

Technical questions regarding our application portal

I’m having technical difficulties with my application – who can help me?

Feel free to contact us using the contact form. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How can I add documents to my application documents?

Send us a message using the contact form and we will let you know to which e-mail address you can send the additional documents.

Questions regarding joining the company

How many hours is the weekly working time?

Our full-time employees work 40 hours/week with flexible working hours. We also offer other options such as part-time jobs.

Are you looking for employees during the corona pandemic as well?

Yes, we are always looking for talent. If you see a position that you like, we look forward to receiving your application!

Has your question not been answered yet? No problem.
Write to us via our contact form and we will get back to you within the next few days.

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